Windswept and Interesting :: Framed Canvas


12" x 9" (Horizontal)
14″ x 11″ (Horizontal)
16″ x 12″ (Horizontal)
20″ x 16″ (Horizontal)
24″ x 18″ (Horizontal)

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Windswept and Interesting :: Framed Canvas

size : 12" x 9" (Horizontal)

color : Black

depth : 1.25"


Oreti Beach in Southland, New Zealand, beckons with its pristine beauty along the South Island's southern coast. Famous for its untamed landscapes and roaring Tasman Sea waves, Oreti Beach holds a unique allure due to its proximity to Antarctica—just over 2,000 kilometers to the south. The beach's chilly winds serve as a reminder of the frozen continent, adding to its rugged charm. This close connection to Antarctica makes Oreti Beach a captivating destination, where visitors can experience the raw beauty of nature while feeling a unique link to the Earth's southern extremes.

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