That Tree :: Framed Canvas


12" x 9" (Horizontal)
14″ x 11″ (Horizontal)
16″ x 12″ (Horizontal)
20″ x 16″ (Horizontal)
24″ x 18″ (Horizontal)

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That Tree :: Framed Canvas

size : 14″ x 11″ (Horizontal)

color : Black

depth : 1.25"


Wanaka, New Zealand, boasts the iconic Lake Wanaka, adorned with the much-photographed lone willow tree. Silhouetted against the Southern Alps, the tree stands gracefully in the crystal-clear waters, creating a postcard-perfect vista. Known locally as the "Wanaka Tree" or "That Wanaka Tree," it has become a symbol of the town's natural beauty. Photographers and nature enthusiasts flock to capture sunrise and sunset moments, where the tree's reflection dances on the lake's surface. This beloved landmark has transformed into a must-see attraction, epitomizing the serene allure of Wanaka and etching its beauty into the hearts of all who encounter it.

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